Byrnes & Kiefer Co. offers Premium Network Plans – PPO and EPO Plans, provided by UPMC Health Plan.

We know insurance is important to you and your family. Comprehensive and preventive healthcare coverage is important in protecting you and your family from the financial risks of unexpected illness and injury. A little prevention usually goes a long way—especially in healthcare. Routine exams and regular preventive care provide an inexpensive review of your health. Small, untreated medical conditions can potentially develop into large expenses. By identifying the challenges early, often they can be treated at little cost.

Comprehensive healthcare also provides peace of mind. In case of an illness or injury, you and your family are covered with an excellent medical plan through Byrnes & Kiefer Co.

Our dental benefit provides diagnostic, preventative, basic and major services to our employees. Employees are provided with In-Network and Out-of-Network coverage.

Byrnes & Kiefer vision benefit is provided to employees, with a 100% company contribution.