In 1902, E.C. Byrnes left his sales job with a baking products supplier and teamed with his accountant to found Byrnes & Kiefer Company (B&K) in Pittsburgh’s famed Strip District.

B&K started modestly by supplying molasses, baking powder, flour and other baking products to customers in Pittsburgh and neighboring areas. Over the years, the company has enjoyed steady growth and expanded its product line to include an extensive array of baking supplies and baked goods under several brand names.

B&K diversified its business in 1979 with the acquisition of Reymers’ Blennd, a lemon-flavored beverage concentrate that’s been a longtime favorite in the Pittsburgh region.

In 1984, B&K set the stage to expand from a regional to a national market with the acquisition of Chefmaster, a California-based manufacturer of food colorings, icings, liquid flavorings, meringue mixes and pastry bags.

To support its ongoing growth, in 1987 B&K consolidated its product development and production operations in a 60,000-square-foot facility in Callery, Pa., north of Pittsburgh.

B&K continued to expand in 1997 with the acquisition of Charlie’s Specialties Cookie Company, which produces a wide range of specialty cookies, brownies, pastries and dumplings in ready-to-bake or thaw-and-sell formats.

Today B&K offers a unique selection of some 300 artisan bakery products to a customer base that extends throughout the United States. The company remains a family-owned enterprise, dedicated to the business principles of its founder and guided by his grandson, E.G. Byrnes Jr.