Whoopie Pies

Our tempting version of this all-American favorite features two moist cake-style bobb cookies which are stuffed with a generous amount of rich and fluffy filling. They come in a thaw and sell format with multiple sizes. Packaging available in a retail ready clam shell, bulk trays or individually wrapped. Be sure to try our new flavors, Key Lime, Graham, Orange Cream and Strawberry with Vanilla filling.

Double Chocolate
Vanilla w/ Vanilla
Red Velvet w/ Vanilla
Banana w/ Van Filling
Chocolate w/ Chocolate Filling
Chocolate w/ Peanut Butter Filling
Chocolate w/ Peppermint Filling
Chocolate w/ Vanilla Filling
Pumpkin w/ Vanilla Filling
Red Velvet w/ Vanilla Filling
Vanilla w/ Vanilla Filling
New Flavors:
Key Lime w/ Graham
Orange Cream
Strawberry w/ Vanilla Filling
Pack Size: 12/6 OZ, 12/12 PACK/1 OZ, 36/3 OZ and 4/20 count bulk

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