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Our Brands

Byrnes & Kiefer Company (B&K) produces an assortment of unique artisan bakery products, as well as a number of related items, under several well-known brand labels.


With an unwavering focus on taste, quality and value for more than a century, the Byrnes & Kiefer brand is well-known throughout the food industry. The B&K brand comprises a wide range of baked goods, baking mixes and baking supplies, as well as a selection of fillings and icings.


The Charlie’s Specialties brand features an assortment of specialty cookies, brownies, dumplings, macaroons and dessert pastries. Available in ready-to-bake or thaw-and-sell formats, Charlie’s Specialties products are crafted using proprietary preparation methods and finished with a distinctive handmade touch.


A longtime favorite in the Pittsburgh region, the Reymers’ Blennd brand is the iconic lemon-flavored drink made from natural juice concentrates that’s been enjoyed by generations of Western Pennsylvanians.